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Welcome to Wall Street Global

We are a leading international financial services group well known for tailor-making innovative solutions to fit our clients’ needs. Our value proposition is rooted in our integrity, innovation, passion, excellence, efficiency and technology. Our core values provide a solid foundation for everything we do. Because we place great emphasis on these values, our clients, investors, business partners, counterparties and employees always know where we stand - and what we stand for. These values are the driving force behind our determination to continuously deliver excellence in service and products for our clients.

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Q: What types of Financial Intermediaries does Wall Street Global (WSG) deal with?
A: There are three main classifications of Financial Intermediaries namely: financial services provider, asset manager and independent financial advisor.
Q: In what countries may a Financial Intermediary operate?
A: Financial intermediaries may conduct business anywhere as long as they are licensed by the appropriate regulatory authority in the jurisdiction where they intend to transact securities business.
Q: What is a Financial Intermediary Agreement (FI Agreement)?
A: An FI Agreement is a legally binding contractual document that we execute with a financial intermediary, setting out the fee sharing arrangement, as well as other terms and conditions.
Q: What type of license is required?
A: Each Financial Intermediary is required to have the necessary licenses required by the applicable regulatory authority to advise, sell and/or broker securities to investors.
Q: What is the minimum investment?
A: The minimum initial investment in an offshore mutual fund is USD 5,000.00. An incremental investment of USD 2,000 is acceptable thereafter for that specific fund.
Q: What is the maximum commission that may be charged to the client?
A: The maximum commission that may be charged to the client is dependent on the maximum front end load that is mentioned on the prospectus of each fund. This may range from 2%-6.5%.
Q: How long does it take to open an account?
A: If all the account opening documentation and requirements are complete, an account will be processed and opened within 2 days at the latest.
Q: How may the account be funded?
A: Cash will have to be wired into the account.
Q: Are there any fixed costs for a Financial Intermediary to affiliate with WSG?
A: Within 5 business days from signing the FI Agreement, the Financial Intermediary must pay an initial entry fee of USD 5,000.00 , by wiring the amount to our Pershing account. This initial cost is reimbursable to the Financial Intermediary within the first year as long as the minimum revenue target of USD 50,000.00 is met.
Q: What is the minimum revenue target imposed by WSG on a Financial Intermediary?
A: The minimum gross revenue target is USD 50,000 per annum. This would easily be achieved by having clients subscribe to USD 2,500,000 worth of offshore mutual funds and charging 2.00%. USD 2.5M X 2.00% = USD 50,000.00
Q: Who is the account holder?
A: The Financial Intermediary’s clients, whether individuals or institutions, will have accounts in their respective names.
Q: Where are trades placed?
A: Trades are placed on the NetXPro platform of Pershing LLC, an affiliate of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation.
Q: Who may place trades?
A: Depending on the setup, access to the individual account of a client may be made available to the Financial Intermediary, or both the Financial Intermediary and the client.
Q: Can transfers be made from the client’s account to the Financial Intermediary?
A: No. Cash or securities may not be transferred from a client’s account to the Financial Intermediary’s account, and vice-versa.
Q: How are commissions paid?
A: The share of a Financial Intermediary in the commissions will be automatically credited to the Financial Intermediary’s Pershing account.
Q: What are the hours of operation of WSG?
A: WSG holds office 24 hours a day, 5 days a week from Monday to Friday.
Q: What are the trading hours?
A: Since Pershing operates in New York, trading hours are based on New York trading hours of 9 AM to 5 PM.
Q: Can a Financial Intermediary appoint sub-agents or sub-distributors?
A: Yes. The FI Agreement may include a clause authorizing the Financial Intermediary to appoint sub-agents or sub-distributors.
Q: Are any taxes withheld on commissions?
A: None. There are no taxes withheld on commissions.
Q: Are revenues taxable?
A: We do not provide any tax advice. It is recommended that a Financial Intermediary consult with a tax adviser regarding tax matters.
Q: Do you provide hedge funds?
A: We are able to source hedge funds that may meet your requirements via our Alternative Investment business. For further information, please click here.