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Welcome to Wall Street Global

We are a leading international financial services group well known for tailor-making innovative solutions to fit our clients’ needs. Our value proposition is rooted in our integrity, innovation, passion, excellence, efficiency and technology. Our core values provide a solid foundation for everything we do. Because we place great emphasis on these values, our clients, investors, business partners, counterparties and employees always know where we stand - and what we stand for. These values are the driving force behind our determination to continuously deliver excellence in service and products for our clients.

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Glossary of Financial Terms

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3rd Party Marketer
Individual, partnership, or company that down sells investment products to qualified investors through their distribution channels and networks.

The beneficiary of an annuity who receives a stream of payments pursuant to the terms of the annuity contract.

Asset Manager
A person appointed by a written contract between the IBC (or the exempt company) or the APT and that person to direct the investment program. It can be a fully discretionary account or limitations can be imposed by the contract under the terms of the APT or by the officers of the IBC. Fees to the asset manager can be based on performance achieved, trading commissions or a percentage of the valuation of the estate under his or her management.

Evidence of loans to corporations and governments. The borrowers promise to repay the loan by a certain date and to pay interest regularly to the investors in the interim.

Capital Appreciation
An increase in the market value of money or property.

Capital Introductions
A service whereby the prime broker attempts to introduce its hedge fund clients to qualified hedge fund investors who have an interest in exploring new opportunities to make hedge fund investments.

Common Stock
Shares of ownership in a corporation; normally referred to simply as "Stock".

A bank, financial institution or other entity that has the responsibility to manage or administer the custody or other safekeeping of assets for other persons or institutions.

3rd party marketers such as private banks and pension consultants that have an extensive distribution list of qualified investors.

Spreading of risk by putting assets in several categories of investments.

Ownership interests possessed by shareholders in a corporation - stock as opposed to bonds.

A-E | F-J | K-O | P-T | U-Z